Suraj Rai - Real Estate Broker


Commercial Property Investments, whether retail, office, or multi-family buildings, require nothing less than expert valuation services and due diligence conducted with a fine tooth comb.  I provide Commercial Real Estate Sales, Marketing, and Valuation services across Canada and the U.S.A.


  1. I like areas with population growth and stability.
  2. I look for properties that one can upgrade.  Improve not over-improve!
  3. Find the problems - there is always a problem.  Look harder.
  4. Build a strong tenant roster.
  5. Look for appreciation or financing leverage.

SELLERS:     No other real estate firm can offer you more!

  1. International Exposure.  Commercial properties have a wider buying market - a market that is not necessarily local.  The buyer could just as likely be an REIT based in Toronto or a businessman in Beijing.  We are the only true "international" real estate firm.  Connected across the globe.
  2. Access to high net-worth individuals.  As a benefit of our relationship with Sotheby's Auction House, we are able to expose your property to the wealthiest of individuals throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 
  3. Tailored marketing strategy for each distinct property.  Depending on the Class and Category of your property, we build a marketing plan and promotional package, creating awareness amongst the most qualified of purchasers.


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