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"Come to me if you want to hear the truth.  Don't come to me if you want to hear what you want to hear."  Howard Lorber,  Chairmam of Douglas Elliman

I tell it like it is, and that is a rare commodity in the real estate business.  It's a part of what differentiates me from the rest in a business where most are focused on getting the next commission check rather than doing only what's in the best interest of their client.   I work harder than the rest and am available to my clients around the clock.  And my clients love me for it.

I run a one-stop-shopEVERYTHING under one roof.  Whatever you need my team of strategic partners and I get it done.  Whether you need a mortgage, a real estate lawyer, home inspector, notary, interior designer, building contractor, home renovator,  or even immigration services........we make it happen. 

Try the MLS Listing Simple Search.  It's the easiest, most comprehensive search for the Lower Mainland.  Simply punch in your preferred location and price range and go!

If you need anything in regards to real estate, picking my brain is no cost whatsoever.  I love talking real estate, give me a call or drop me an email

 - Suraj

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