Suraj Rai - Real Estate Broker


It is all about satisfying my clients needs.  Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make - access to the best information and swift action are indespensible in the current market. 

As a client of mine you receive access to all the information that is crucial when negotiating and purhcasing a property.  In today's market it is key to have a Realtor that is on top of the market, everyday.  Finding out about home that fits your criteria immediately is essential - tomorrow may be too late.  I locate and assess properties for sale and provide you with the information to see it for yourself.

Also, obtaining a mortgage loan can be a complex and tiring process.  I work with three seperate lenders to obtain the best rate available to you.  In this way, it is the banks competing for your business, not an ardous practice with absolute power in the hands of the lender.


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